Pellet Mill Bearing

Within more than 5 years, SXM supplying bearings to the pellet mill industry, covering Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, etc., SXM often send engineers to the end user’s industry and study the working environment of the pellet mill, learn better how the bearings are broken.

Main Bearing Models

  • Spherical Roller Bearing: 22214, 22222, 22226, 29428, 22218 CAKW33, 22218 EAE4, 24044CAW33, 23230CAW33, 23218CAW33,etc
  • Taper Roller Bearing: 30316, 32036, 32224, 32228, 32316, T2EE100,etc
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings: NJ2313 ECP/C3, NJ2244M, NJ2320M, 2216 ETN9,etc
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing: 6024 2RS, 6224 ZZC3, 6317 2ZC3, 6328M C3, 6224 DDUCM,etc

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pellet mill bearing

We found normally the bearing used in pellet mill machines is broken in a different way:

spherical roller bearing

There are several problems as follows:

1. The recommended operating temperature is 80-100℃, but most factories overheat and overload around 150-200℃.

2. The bearing life cycle is 1 day, one week, or three weeks. Most of the damage is due to corrosion, burning,

3. Dust and impurities enter the operation of the bearing, which affects the lifespan

4. Wrong selection of high temperature resistant grease, some factories use poor grease to save costs, and some use copy MOBIL, SHELL grease, but they can not bear actual high temperature resistance.

Finally developed SXM specialized bearing for pellet mill machine, it can bear the higher load, high-temperature resistance, and vibration, which improve the bearing maintenance lifetime and get a high reputation in pellet mill industry.


Most of our customers are using Andriz, CPM, Muyang, etc., model PM30, PM26, 508, 620. Roller bearings are the wearing parts on the pellet machine, even though you use SKF FAG etc. SXM developed the specialized pellet mill bearings to replace SKF FAG, which helps end-users save at least 50% per month. Till now, we have more than 30 customers in such pellet mill industry and get repeated orders every week. You can see how our customers reply:

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