How to improve the service life of rolling mill bearings?

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Experts analyzed the reasons for the failure of rolling mill bearings, and the results showed that 40%-50% of bearing failures were caused by users’ installation, adjustment, maintenance, etc.

70% of the failures of rolling mill bearings(spherical roller bearings) are failure failures, that is abnormal failures, and most of them are fracture failures. The causes of bearing failure can be roughly attributed to two aspects: one is internal factors, such as design, manufacturing process and quality of raw materials. The other is external factors, such as the installation, adjustment, maintenance, maintenance and repair of the bearing during use.

Let’s see how to improve the service life of rolling mill bearings,

1. Improve the coaxiality between the housing holes and appropriately increase the tolerance of the housing holes;

2. Improve lubrication method;

3. The right way to install;

4. Reasonable selection of bearings, etc.

So from the perspective of use, measures to improve the service life of bearings are proposed, such as: improving the coaxiality between the bearing housing holes, and appropriately increasing the tolerance of the bearing housing holes; improving the lubrication method; selecting and installing the bearings reasonably; adopting bearing transposition Work law, etc. The practice has proved that the effect is good.

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Linda Zhu

Linda Zhu

Hi, I'm Linda Zhu, the sales manager of, I've been in Wuxi Shenxi Bearing Manufacture for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to bearings from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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