Bearings for agricultural machinery

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Bearings come in at least six different types, but the most common in agricultural equipment are rolling bearings and plain bearings or bushings.

Types and types of bearings

Ball or roller bearings are used in the following areas:


Seeders and grain seeders:

  • Balers and mowers Combine;
  • Other general location,

Tapered roller bearings

Tractors and combines: transmission, differential, axle, wheels;

Other Common Locations: Non-Powered Wheels Equipment bearing types

Benefits of using bearings:

  • Long and reliable component life;
  • High performance seals
  • Make bearings maintenance-free.

Each edge acts as an additional barrier to keep dirt out of the balls and raceways, eliminating the need to add lubricant. -Built-in reliability helps extend the warranty period; -Reducing management costs;

  • Reducing the cost of car ownership;
  • Reduce replacement time and repair costs;

SXM can produce bearings replacing FKL, PEER and other brands with low prices and good quality.

You can get more detailed information from our specialists by phone and email.


Linda Zhu

Linda Zhu

Hi, I'm Linda Zhu, the sales manager of, I've been in Wuxi Shenxi Bearing Manufacture for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to bearings from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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