Spherical roller bearing production process.

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Hello guys, good day! This is Sumi from SXM Roller Bearing, today we are talking about the spherical roller bearing production process.

As we know, The service life of the spherical roller bearing depends on the processing technology of the bearing.

The specific production process of spherical roller bearings: raw materials-bearing parts processing, inner and outer ring processing, steel roller processing, cage (stamping steel cage or solid brass cage) processing-spherical roller bearing assembly-spherical roller bearing finished product
In the production process, the most important processing are as the following:
②The heat treatment
OK, that’s all for today’s topic, welcome to contact me if any questions.


Linda Zhu

Linda Zhu

Hi, I'm Linda Zhu, the sales manager of sxmrollerbearing.com, I've been in Wuxi Shenxi Bearing Manufacture for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to bearings from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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