Whether the life of self-aligning roller bearings is low or not?

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Basic production process of components?

We all know that any equipment has a service life, some long-term high-speed operation of the mechanical life if not good service conditions, the life is often reduced a lot. Just as some people think that the service life of self-alighting roller bearings is very low, in fact, it is often caused by improper maintenance.

  1. In the selection stage of self-aligning roller bearings, many factors should be considered (such as load, hardness, operating environment, etc.). Good bearing design will first make the bearing reach its maximum life value.
  2. Store correctly. Self-aligning roller bearings should be kept in their original packaging before installation. Need to maintain a clean, relatively constant temperature environment. Rolling bearings should be kept away from dust, water and corrosive chemicals. Excessive vibration may damage the mechanical properties of self-aligning roller bearings, so it should be avoided in the processing and storage process.

General self-aligning roller bearings should be kept in a horizontal position. Some heavier bearings will deform due to their weight after being placed vertically.

spherical roller bearing

In addition, self-aligning roller bearings with grease (or seals) need special attention because the grease will change after a long time of storage. When self-aligning roller bearings are used again, there will be a certain degree of rotating noise. Therefore, the time of this kind of bearing should be controlled according to the principle of advancement.

  1. Clean, which is very important for rolling bearings. The rotating surface of the bearing ring is very smooth and sensitive to damage caused by pollutants. Particle impurities can be flattened by rolling elements, and local bearing pressure can lead to material fatigue.
  2. Fully equipped and re-installed, self-aligning roller bearings should be carefully installed and removed using appropriate tools. You should choose the right tool. Industry experts estimate that 16 premature bearing failures are due to improper installation. In general, use suitable self-aligning roller bearings to install equipment. But in maintenance or replacement work, the environment is diverse! I suggest you take a closer look at the drawings and the maintenance manual. Self-aligning roller bearing elements should also be kept clean!

The service life of self-aligning roller bearings is important or the maintenance environment of late use.

The basic production process of the self-aligning roller bearing parts

The specific production process of self-aligning roller bearing: raw materials — inner and outer ring processing, steel ball or roller processing, cage (stamping or entity) processing — self-aligning roller bearing assembly — self-aligning roller bearing finished product

In the production process, the most critical is the following links:

① Forging link

Forging link is an important link to ensure the reliability and life of the self-aligning roller bearing. After the raw material is forged, the blank of the self-aligning roller bearing ring is formed. At the same time, the organizational structure of raw materials becomes denser and the flow linearity becomes better, so as to improve the reliability and service life of self-alerting roller bearings. In addition, the quality of the forging process will directly affect the utilization rate of raw materials and thus affect the production cost.

② Heat treatment

Heat treatment is the high-temperature treatment of the self-aligning roller bearing ring after forging and turning, which directly affects the uniformity of carburizing in the self-aligning roller bearing ring, can improve the wear resistance and hardness of the self-aligning roller bearing, and is also an important link affecting the reliability and life of the self-aligning roller bearing.

③ Grinding process

After heat treatment, the self-aligning roller bearing ring also needs grinding, which is an important link to ensure the accuracy of self-aligning roller bearing. After grinding, the production process of the spherical roller bearing ring is basically completed.

Process flow of inner and outer ring of self-aligning roller bearing: bar — forging — turning — heat treatment — grinding — super finishing — final inspection of parts — rust-proof storage

The main production equipment includes a Cold rolling machine, automatic ball spherical roller bearing internal grinder, quenching, annealing furnace, press, CNC lathe, spherical roller bearings grinding machine, inside-outside groove grinding machine, grinding machine, high precision horizontal spindle frustum of a cone surface grinding machine, CNC milling machine, centerless grinder, high-precision through-feed centerless grinding machine, precise channel ultra lapping machine, the inner surface NC grinding machine, NC reciprocating double end face grinding machine, high temperature and high-speed Core roller bearing testing machine, heat treatment production line and quality testing equipment.

Spherical Roller Bearing

The basic production process of rolling self-aligning roller bearings

Due to the different types, structural types, tolerance grades, technical requirements, materials and batches of rolling self-allot roller bearings, the basic production process is not completely the same.

The processing process of the main parts of various self-aligning roller bearings:

①The processing process of the ring: The processing of the inner ring and outer ring of the spherical roller bearing is different according to the different raw materials or blank forms. The process before processing can be divided into the following three kinds. The whole processing process is: Bar stock or tube (some bar need to the forging, annealing, normalizing) – car processing, heat treatment, grinding, grinding or polishing parts – final inspection – rust – storage – (stay close set of assembly >

② the processing process of the steel ball, the processing of the steel ball is also different according to the state of raw materials, which can be divided into three kinds of rolling or polishing before the ball process, before the heat treatment process, and can be divided into the following two, the whole processing process is Bar or wire cold blunt (some bar after cold blunt still need band and annealing), sharp cutting, coarse grinding, hard or soft grinding ball – heat treatment – grinding, fine grinding, lapping and grinding – final inspection group – rust, packaging, warehousing < to sets of assembly >.

③ The processing process of the roller is different according to the different raw materials, which can be divided into the following two processes before heat treatment, the whole processing process is Rod furnace processing or wire cold heading after string band and soft grinding, heat treatment, series of soft point, coarse grinding, coarse grinding diameter end – the end face grinding, fine grinding diameter – end mill diameter – final inspection group – rust, packaging, warehousing (stay in sets of assembly >.

④The processing process of the cage according to the different design structures and raw materials, can be divided into the following two categories:

1)Plate → shear → blanking → stamping forming → shaping and finishing → pickling or shot peening or series of light → final inspection → rust prevention, packaging → storage (to be assembled)

2)The processing process of the entity cage: the processing of the entity cage is different according to the different raw materials or blanks. Before the processing, it can be divided into the following four blank types. The whole processing process is as follows: Bar, pipe material, forging, casting, car inner diameter, outside diameter, end face, chamfering, drilling (or pull holes, boring), pickling, final inspection, anti-rust, packaging, warehousing < to sets of assembly >.


Assembly process of rolling self-aligning roller bearing

Rolling self-aligning roller bearing parts, such as inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and cage, enter the assembly workshop for assembly after passing the inspection, and the process is as follows:

Parts demagnetization and cleaning → inside and outside rolling < groove > channel size group selection → fitting sleeve → check clearance → riveting cage → final inspection → demagnetization and cleaning → rust prevention → packing → finished product warehouse (packing and shipping).

Material for self-aligning roller bearings

The workability of self-aligning roller bearing depends on the material properties of self-aligning roller bearing. Self-aligning roller bearings are made of high purity, low alloy integral quenched chromium steel as the material of shaft rolling body and bearing ring. Carburized steel is used for bearings that are subjected to alternating bending and high impact load stresses.

The heat treatment process of the self-aligning roller bearing ring and rolling body ensures that the bearing is within 150 degrees and the size is stable. Special heat treatment methods are required for higher operating temperatures. If the bearing is used in a corrosive environment, the bearing steel is required to be highly corrosive. Standard bearings made of stainless steel are added to the code prefix “S” and suffix “W203B”. The main dimensions and bearing capacity of this bearing are the same as that of the integral hardened bearing steel bearing. In order to maintain its corrosion resistance, its surface should not be damaged during installation and use.

In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of the quality of bearing steel (of course, the price is also rising), the spherical roller can make its bearing capacity greatly improved. Research results and practical experience have proved that bearings made of standard rolling bearing steel today can reach infinite fatigue strength under the condition of good lubrication, clean environment and small load.

The production of silicon nitride ball is mostly used for ceramic spindle bearings. Ceramic balls are much lighter than steel balls and have significantly less friction and centrifugal force. This kind of bearing can still reach extremely high speed when grease lubrication and the working temperature is low, and the service life is long.


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