Good quality bearings deserve the good package

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Good quality bearings deserve a good package. Do you agree with us?

The package can help customers sell bearings well, get a higher reputation and protect the bearings against any damage.

So today I will talk about the SXM package with you.

For the small size bearings, if the weight is less than 15kg per piece, we will use the inner bag, colorful box, and SXM carton to pack the bearings.

If the weight is between 15kg to 36kg, we will use a wrapped package. There are 3 layers of the wrapped package and then SXM cartons.

But if the weight is more than 36kg per piece, we will use the wooden box to protect the bearings.

Except this, we will use strong sea shipment pallets or wooden boxes to guarantee that each bearing is packed perfectly when you receive the bearings.

By the way, more and more customers want to develop their own brands. We have rich experience in this service and helped many customers to customize the box, inner bag and wooden box.


Linda Zhu

Linda Zhu

Hi, I'm Linda Zhu, the sales manager of, I've been in Wuxi Shenxi Bearing Manufacture for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to bearings from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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