Method for measuring the clearance of spherical roller bearings

The country and the bearing industry have specific testing standards (JB/T3573-93) for the measurement method of bearing radial clearance. There are special testing instruments in the bearing manufacturing plant to measure the radial clearance of the bearing.

For the radial clearance of spherical roller bearings, the feeler gauge measurement method is usually used. The following describes the method of measuring the radial clearance of a spherical roller bearing with a feeler gauge:

Step One: Put the bearing upright and close it

The worthy attention point:

The inner ring of the bearing is parallel to the end face of the outer ring and cannot be tilted. Press your thumb on the inner ring and swing it for 2 to 3 times, and press it down firmly to seat the inner ring and rolling elements. Position the rollers so that there is a roller on both sides of the top of the inner ring raceway. Push the top two rollers inward to ensure proper contact between them and the inner ring raceway.

Step Two: Choose a good feeler gauge according to the clearance standard

The worthy attention point:

Refer to the corresponding clearance value in the clearance standard from the inner hole size of the bearing, and determine the corresponding maximum and minimum feeler gauge

pieces in the feeler gauge according to the maximum and minimum values.

Step Three: Select the measurement at the largest radial clearance

The worthy attention point:

After the bearing is erected, the clearance between the upper outer ring raceway and the rollers is the point where the radial clearance is the largest

Step Four: Measure the radial clearance of the bearing with a feeler gauge

The worthy attention point:

The thickness of the feeler gauge piece when the ring and roller cage assembly is rotated for one cycle, when three consecutive rollers can pass, but the rest of the rollers cannot pass, is the maximum radial clearance measured value; The thickness of the feeler gauge piece when the upper surface cannot pass and the remaining rollers can pass is the minimum radial clearance measurement value. Take the arithmetic average of the maximum and minimum radial clearance measured values as the radial clearance value of the bearing. After the radial clearance value of each row is qualified, take the arithmetic average of the clearance values of the two rows as the radial clearance of the bearing.


Linda Zhu

Linda Zhu

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